Alaine029.JPG - largeAlan Bartlett


B Psych Sci (Hons), MAPS


I have been practising as a counselling psychologist and trainer since 2003. For some years before becoming a psychologist, I enjoyed working with people in regional Queensland. I was keen to return to country Queensland and work in my capacity as a psychologist with the added experience of knowing the concerns of people who live in rural areas. This prompted a move to Toowoomba and the establishment of my private practice both here and at Pittsworth. I am pleased to say my practice has thrived over the past six years.


During this time I have worked successfully with many adults, children and adolescents on many issues requiring psychological intervention and counselling. I have also facilitated a number of workshops providing training on topics such as stress management and relationships.


As a counselling psychologist, my therapy is primarily based on a person centred approach. This happens within the evidenced based cognitive-behavioural framework (CBT), known for successful psychological outcomes. I also draw on other psychological approaches as needed, including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). This ensures a psychological service where you can be assured each session is tailored to meet your individual needs and to facilitate the outcome you want.


In my role as psychologist over the past 11 years I have enjoyed working in a range of environments giving me the privilege of working with many different people.  Organisations I have worked at include Kids Helpline and Parentline, St. Stephens College on the Gold Coast, Saint Vincent De Paul, and at Grandfamily Camps with Lifeline.


As a trainer and workshop facilitator I have run many workshops on topics including family relationships, parenting, stress management for adults and adolescents, peer skills, behaviour management.  I have run professional development workshops for teachers and pastoral care staff, counsellors and community groups.


During this time I have also worked with adoptive parents. I have a very real and empathic understanding of issues that affect prospective adoptive parents and the difficulties that can emerge post placement. This has enabled insightful and successful interventions for families that are both highly confidential and sensitive to all concerned.


I look forward to meeting with you and offering my expertise to successfully work towards a solution to your situation.






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